Straighten your posture and you'll straighten out your attitude, too

Posture is an odd topic for a singles web site, but it does tie in with helping you live a happier, more fulfilling life. I've discovered that the way you carry yourself has a real effect on the way you feel.

For singles, the way we sit and stand also shouts volumes to people who are paying attention.

It's time to understand that we do get judged on our appearance, whether we like it or not, and standing or sitting up straight is something we can easily do something about.

good posture

My posture-challenged life

I battled low self-esteem throughout high school and most of college. I didn't think I was as good as the rest of the kids, and it showed in the way I carried myself. I slumped when I walked, I slouched in chairs, I stood hunched over much of the time.

That's not uncommon. I'm not sure what the psychology is behind it, but I seemed to be subconsciously flinching at life. It was as if I was bowed down from carrying a heavy burden, and in a very real way, I was.

For much of my life I didn't understand who I was in Jesus Christ. I was traveling under my own strength and not surprisingly, it wasn't adequate for me.

Sometimes I'd catch a reflection of myself in a store window or a mirror. My first thought was, "Yikes! Why am I all bent over?"

Success in my career gained me more self-confidence, but any improvement in the way I carried myself wasn't permanent. I still have to work at it, many years later.

We're judged by our appearance

You can be the nicest, most considerate person in the world, but bad posture tells people something's wrong inside, whether there is or not.

Today's culture judges us by our appearance. While that may be unfair, standing up straighter is something we can improve just by monitoring ourselves. I can feel when I'm slumping and need to straighten up.

Strangely, although I tend to stand straighter when I feel more confident, I also feel more confident just by forcing myself to stand to my full, impressive 5-foot, 7-inch height. Just by adjusting my back and tightening my gut, I can feel ten feet tall!

Some trick!

Bonnie, one of the most attractive women I've ever known, had ramrod straight posture, whether she was sitting or standing. It made her seem alert and self-assured. Twelve years after college, I saw her again, and she was still standing straight as ever. Just as impressive!

Resist posture posing

Today's trend may be to slouch, as if you're super-casual or don't give a care. Please don't fall into that trend. Slumping is for chumps. Along with clothing that's way too huge, it gives a silly message that you're trying too hard to be cool.

Check your appearance in a full length mirror. Slouch and see how it feels, then stand up straight and notice the changes in your body. Memorize what good posture feels like to you, then every so often during the day, check yourself. I don't mean constantly noticing your reflection in glass or staring into mirrors--you'll quickly be pegged as a narcissist if you do that.

No, just nonchalantly pay attention to how you're standing, walking and sitting. If you're slouching, straighten up!

You'll look better, feel better, and send a powerful message that you've got your act together and are somebody worth knowing.

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