August 25, 2010 Issue #053

How to prepare for a financial emergency

In my ongoing quest to help you avoid unnecessary pain and frustration in the single life, I try to make Inspire-O-Gram and as practical as possible.

So this month we'll deal with something every single person should have. To some of you it may seem difficult or even impossible, but I assure you that you can do it. And once you have, you'll feel like the smartest person in the Milky Way galaxy!

The economy is tight and times are hard, so this tool is more important than ever. I stone guarantee that if you follow this advice, it will make a major change in your life and attitude.

Here's how to set up your emergency fund...

Move on

When the night feels like
a sentence you serve,
Put your hope in the coming dawn.
You never know
what's beyond the next hill.
So remind yourself
to move on.

Too often we're tempted
to live in the past
with people and things that are gone.
You can't bring them back
so don't linger there.
Remind yourself
to move on.

Sadness or hope
are choices we make.
We follow the map we have drawn.
Good things are waiting
for you up ahead.
So pick yourself up
and move on.

--Jack Zavada, 2010--

How to finally have enough

Coming up short in the money department is miserable. Some people seem to never have enough, no matter how much they earn.

Where does it go? What happens to it? Why do you spend it? How can you spend less? What's the secret to saving money? And what's the secret to staying out of debt?

Those are just some of the questions answered in my ebook, How to Master Your Money.

It's a practical ebook. A quick read. A how-to guide on controlling your money, instead of the other way around. And, it's only $4.97, less than the cost of a combo meal or an ad-filled fashion magazine.

These are principles you'll use for the rest of your life. See what's inside How to Master Your Money...

August Quotoroonie

Our August quotation comes from Joshua Loth Liebman, an American rabbi and author of the bestselling book, Peace of Mind:

“Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values.”
--Joshua Loth Liebman (1907-1948)--

It takes maturity to set up an emergency fund, as I recommend in our lead article this month. You have to sacrifice immediate pleasures to be prepared when a crisis comes up. Most people don't have the willpower or discipline to do this.

Our society keeps screaming at you: "Get it NOW! Don't wait! Act NOW!" That's why so many people are suffocating in credit card debt.

I say that maturity begins when you stop causing your own problems and start solving them. We singles want to be independent but many don't want to do the hard work required.

I'm telling you--from long experience--the sense of satisfaction from bailing yourself out is mind-blowing. It's the mark of a truly successful person.

An unexpected path to freedom

Just another reminder. Freedom is possible for us singles, but it doesn't come without a price. I'm not talking about political freedom; I'm talking about independence of spirit. Not relying on relatives or friends or loan sharks to bail you out of trouble.

You'll sleep better at night. You'll stand taller and straighter. You'll wake up feeling confident and ready to face the world.

I have faith that you can do this. And my 40 years of experience in the single life tells me this is something you really need to do. So check out some more thoughts on freedom...

Too much preaching this month?

Okay, if I was too preachy in this month's Inspire-O-Gram, I plead guilty.

But the truth is, this topic is so important in life that I'm passionate about it. And I care about you guys enough to not want you to go through a lot of unnecessary pain and hardship.

Yipers! Even when I'm apologizing for being preachy, I'm preachy!

Anyway, if you want to drop me an email, you can use our sound-off contact form.

That's August's newsletter. I hope you found something worthwhile in it. Until September,

Keep the faith, fellow singletons!

Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA