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Issue #009, December 13, 2006

Welcome to the December issue of Inspire-O-Gram, the newsletter that helps you thrive in the single life!

Yipers! This month's issue is jammy-packed with inspiration, motivation, and just plain fun.

It's supposed to be a happy season, but if you or a friend have the holiday blues, here are five practical ways to send those gloomies packing: How to beat the holiday blues...

Ever heard of gift lift? It's the high we get when we receive a present. But what do you do when it wears off?

Here's a new poem I wrote this morning to give you an extra boost of inspiration going into the New Year:

It's always too early to quit

When you think back over
your triumphs in life,
and how you won them all bit by bit.
Remember those lessons
when things don't work out
'cause it's always too early to quit.

We seldom get anything
on the first try.
Don't give up when the pieces won't fit.
Just take a short rest
then return to the task,
'cause it's always too early to quit.

Everything worthwhile
that's ever been done,
was accomplished with hard work and grit.
Your breakthrough will come
if you'll only keep trying,
'cause it's always too early to quit.

Here's a tip...If you'd like to snail-mail that poem to a pal, just print this newsletter out, apply scissors, and you've got a f'ree morale booster for someone who needs it.

Of course you can also forward this email newsletter to a whole kaboodle of your friends--for f'ree!

Don't you just love the cost (none!) on that little encourager?

Quote time...

This issue's quotation comes from one of my favorite people, Dale Evans Rogers, wife of Roy Rogers and "Queen of the West":

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. ... Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas."
Dale Evans Rogers

Fr'ee novel still available!

Our completely f'ree contemporary Christmas novel, Mary's Christmas Gift is still available. So far, more than 2,300 people have downloaded this inspirational story.

Mary Chapman, an executive at a breakfast cereal company, finds herself 34 years old, unmarried, and nine months pregnant at Christmas time. When Mary gives up her baby in a very unusual adoption, she discovers that God sometimes answers prayers in unexpected and spectacular ways.

You can get this PDF-format novel at no c'ost at: Mary's Christmas Gift.

Stuff you may have missed...

We've been adding some new items to over the past several weeks. You can check them out from here:

Military Prayer

F'ree Christian courses from RBC Ministries

How to deal with feelings of inadequacy

Some encouragement if you've been praying hard

Something for Christians to remember during 2007

Rut Disruptor

Finally, we conclude the December issue with The Rut Disruptor, Inspire-O-Gram's exclusive tool for change. We have just one question for you this month:

"If I worked as hard at trusting God as I do at worrying, how might my life change in 2007?"

If you're honest about that one, that should yank you out of your rut, eh?

We had a year of explosive growth on during 2006. I hope you'll do us a favor and spread the word about the site in 2007.

We've got some terrific surprises for you in the coming year. Thanks so much for your loyalty and encouraging emails via our contact form at the bottom of this page on the site. I enjoy hearing from you.

God's best to you this Christmas and throughout the New Year!
Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA