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Issue #010, January 24, 2007

Welcome to the January issue of Inspire-O-Gram, the ezine that helps you thrive in the single life.

We've got a super fre'ebie for you this issue, but more on that in a minute.

This issue we're focusing even more on your intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Eeeek! Not a Christian? Then go here, quick!

As I was saying, the tighter we are with Christ, the more we'll rely on him when things aren't going smoothly, and for some of us, that's most of the time. We can even get His help when we're trying to beat boredom...

On the flip side of boredom is intense anxiety. Ever get so worked up you didn't know what to do? Next time that happens, try what Jesus did when he started to feel anxiety...

To my great surprise, the inspirational poems pages on the site get some of the heaviest traffic. So here's a brand new poem I just wrote on the kind of friendship Jesus wants to have with you:

He's got a place

When you're all broken up in a million small pieces
and you think that your poor life is through,
Go to the One who can put you together.
He's got a place in His heart for you.

Oh life can be hell when your heart has been shattered
when the only thing real is your pain.
But there's Someone who'll give you
the true love that matters
and make everything new again.

So fall to your knees now and call out his name.
That is all that He asks you to do.
He's waiting to heal you and make it all right.
He's got a place in His heart for you,
He's got a place in His heart for you.

Quote time...

January's quote comes from Jim Cymbala, that incredible pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, in Brooklyn, NY:

"God is not aloof. He says continually through the centuries, 'I'll help you, I really will. When you're ready to throw up your hands--throw them up to me.'"
Jim Cymbala

Here's that f'reebie!

In January we began offering a new incentive to encourage people to subscribe to Inspire-O-Gram, but I thought it only fair to also offer it to you, our current, loyal subscribers.

Our Inspirational Plaques Collection features 15 printable mini-posters, in ebook form, that fit in standard size photo frames you can find at any dollar store.

These poems, quotations, prayers and confidence builders will give you an instant lift every time you look at them, in your home or at work. When framed, they also make great gifts for friends or relatives.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open your f'ree Inspirational Plaques Collection, which is in PDF form. You can get Adobe Reader F'REE here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

The s'ecret download link is:

Inspirational Plaques Collection

Please do not share this link with your friends. Ask them to sign up for Inspire-O-Gram at and they'll get their own fr'ee copy. Thanks!

Rut Disruptor

Finally, we close with the Rut Disruptor, Inspire-O-Gram's exclusive tool for change. Just one question this month to ask yourself:

"Do I have enough faith in Jesus to take one problem area of my life that I've been struggling with for years--just one--and ask Him to help me solve it in 2007?"

Ready to step out in faith with Him on that problem? Think how much better your life will be when the two of you whip that!

Well, that wraps up the January issue. I hope you found it worthwhile. If you ever want to comment on the newsletter or anything on, just use the Contact Form at the bottom of the about us page. Thanks!

Until next month, keep checking the site or your RSS feed for new pages, since I put them up whenever the Spirit gives me a boot in the britches.

All God's best to you for a happy life!

Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA