June 16, 2009 Issue #039

'Clumsy' is a word singles shouldn't use

If you think you're clumsy, you need to change your thinking about yourself.

We all do clumsy things at times, just like we all fail sometimes. That doesn't make us a clumsy person or a failure. How we singles see ourselves affects our confidence and self-esteem.

You can't afford to call yourself clumsy--or any other negative label. Society is trying to make us feel inferior all the time anyway, so we'll buy stuff to make ourselves feel "right."

But there's only one way to feel right about yourself, and we discuss it in this article about clumsiness...

June Quote-a-roonie

June's quotation comes from singer/songwriter Harry Chapin. You may remember him from his hit song, "Cat's in the Cradle." While June's quote isn't specifically about clumsiness, it does touch on the embarrassed attitude some of us have toward our supposed shortcomings.

I'd rather make a mistake than do nothing.
Harry Chapin (1942-1981)

Mistakes can be humiliating, but everyone makes them. None of us is perfect and we never will be in this life. So next time you feel clumsy, laugh at yourself, shrug your shoulders and keep going. The next try might just do it!

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Under the covers

I'm under the covers
and I'm not coming out.
I'm hiding here safe
in my darkness and doubt.

Nothing can get me,
In my comforter cave,
I'm snuggled up tight
'cause I'm not very brave.

The world is too ugly,
with meanness and strife.
I'm going to stay here
the rest of my life.

I hid under the covers
when challenges beckoned.
What? It's time for cake?
I'll be there in a second!

--Jack Zavada, 2009--

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That winds up our June Inspire-O-Gram. If you want to drop us an email, you can use our nonodorous contact form.

Until July, enjoy God and enjoy yourself!

Jack Zavada

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