November 15, 2011 Issue #068

Being jealous of couples is
something we can stop

Rats! Being jealous of couples is a habit none of us singles want to admit to, but if we're honest, that ugly feeling often creeps in. Stephanie, a reader from Malaysia, asked if we could address this problem.

It's understandable. Many of us want to be married. When we see a happy couple, our emotions kick in (with an unhelpful nudge from Satan) and we wish we were them, or at least half of them.

What to do? What to do? Well, we can let it fester, which is never really smart, or we can be grown-up and do something about it. Action is always better than stewing, wouldn't you agree?

As a single who has often been guilty of this feeling, I've probably had more years to think about it than you have. Here are some thoughts on how to get over being jealous of couples.

The Single's Song (I'm so special)

Jack's note: Here's something different this month, fellow singletons. Instead of a poem, I wrote a song, just for you. Make it your own. Put your own tune to it. Sing it to your cat or dog, or to yourself, to remind you how true it is! Then do the happy dance along with it, because you are so special, you're one of a kind!

Have you ever seen a mug like mine?
You can't believe your eyes.
You better close that yap of yours
before it fills up with flies.

I know that I'm amazing,
I'm made of precious stuff.
God took a good look at me
and said, "One like that's enough."

You can stare at me
with your mouth wide open
I'll tell you I don't mind,
I'm so special,
I'm one of a kind.

Little children follow me
just to get a peek.
You'll find my photo in the dictionary
next to the word "unique."

So take a picture, get your fill
I'm enchantment redefined.
l'm so special
I'm one of a kind.

You can stare at me
with your mouth wide open
I'll tell you I don't mind,
I'm so special,
I'm one of a kind.
I'm so special,
I'm one of a kind.

~ Jack Zavada, 2011 ~

Take as prescribed to avoid pain

Life can be a pain in the neck for us singles. That's why I wrote this ebook, Single & Sure.

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WARNING: This life-improving advice IS habit forming. You will use it over and over again because it works. You'll get addicted to being smarter and happier.

So read up on what's inside the $9.97 ebook Single & Sure.

November Quotorama

November's quotation comes from Harold Coffin, a humor columnist for the Associated Press:

Envy is the art of counting the other
fellow's blessings instead of your own.

~ Harold Coffin (1905-1981) ~

It's easy for us singles to be envious. It's a problem I have to fight all the time. We have the illusion that everybody, especially married people, are so much happier than we are. We envy people who are more successful, more attractive, richer--the list goes on and on.

I have to remind myself that God loves ME for me. He doesn't care about my achievements, looks, or anything else. I'm happy that God loves me. I'm thrilled! Counting that blessing alone usually knocks out my feelings of envy.

New stuff to inspire you

I've been doing a little updating to You'll find some NEW quotations on these pages. Enjoy!

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What? Give thanks for being single?

In the U.S., our Thanksgiving holiday is coming up on November 24. Have you ever thought about thanking God because you're single? Usually we're too busy complaining to him about it to do that.

But he has given us this time to draw closer to him, to experience his tremendous love before the pressures of family life, or to explore opportunities we couldn't if we had the responsibilities of marriage.

So shock the daylights out of your Heavenly Father this year and thank him for your singleness. He might just say, "That took the maturity I'm looking for. Time to get this one married off!"

And if you want to shock me by writing to me, I always welcome your comments. Just type them into our fungus-free contact form.

That wraps up our November issue, single friends. I hope it smoothed out a few bumps in your road. Until our Christmas issue,

God bless!

Jack Zavada
401 Indiana Ave
Streator, IL 61364 USA