You can win over depression, if you start by telling your doctor about it

If you're a single person battling depression, there's good news.

Effective help is available, but you have to step out to receive it. You don't have to live with this disabling condition any more.

Here are the wrong ways to try to beat depression: pray more; pray harder; have others pray for you; rebuke the devil; claim God's healing and do nothing else; read the Bible more; fast; go to a faith healer. depression is treatable Unfortunately, many Christian singles have the mistaken belief that this problem is all in your mind. If you're depressed and someone--including your pastor--tells you to "snap out of it" or "think positive thoughts," recognize that that person doesn't know what they're talking about.

Instead, you need to speak with an expert. You should always, always go to your medical doctor about it.

"Thinking" your way out of diabetes?

No one in their right mind would ever tell a diabetic to "think positive thoughts" or believe that God will heal them. Diabetes is a physical disease, caused by a malfunction in the body's systems.

Depression can also have a physical cause, which needs to be treated with medication. Only your doctor is qualified to diagnose your condition and what should be done about it.

The "pull yourself up by your bootstraps/snap out of it" approach is as wrong and obsolete as treating a person with pneumonia by applying leeches.

Overcoming the stigma

It's way beyond the scope of to give advice on treating your depression.

I only want to convince you of three things here:

  • 1. Recognize that your problem is nothing to be ashamed of. It's not a weakness, insanity, or a sin. It's a medical problem.

  • 2. Seek treatment by your doctor. This is a complex but treatable illness, and trying to handle it on your own doesn't work. It hasn't worked up til now, has it?

  • 3. Persevere until you get relief. The first medication your doctor tries may not be effective. Tell him, be assertive and don't give up. This is absolutely crucial. Every person is different. It's not unusual to try three or more prescriptions until you find the one that works.

What God wants for you...

God loves you very much and wants the best for you. Struggling through every day, aching inside from emotional pain is not his best. God wants you healed, so you can be happy and enjoy life. Take it from me, happiness really is possible for you.

Remember that mankind's intelligence is a gift from God, and we have used that gift to advance medical science. Doctors are just the instrument God uses to bring about healing.

You don't have to live a lonely, tortured existence any more. God has an exciting, meaningful life planned for you, and it all begins when you make that phone call for an appointment with your doctor.

A smarter approach to loneliness...

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