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It's 1913 and the coal miners and their families in Mission Creek, Kentucky are barely eking out a living. Junie Corban is a 25 year-old single teacher whose dream is to start a "Moonlight School" to teach the illiterate adults in the area to read and write.

But she faces many obstacles, including a lack of money. Unexpectedly, the handsome engineer at the mine, Linton Todd, comes to her aid and a romance quickly develops.

When Junie's father is injured in a mine collapse, the only way to save him is to hijack a train for a frightening run to the distant hospital.

You'll enjoy the suspense, local color and romance in Appalachian Christmas Dream. And did I mention there are no tricks--this ebook is absolutely FREE!

Appalachian Christmas Dream is 87 pages in pdf format.

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