What does a tree growing out of rock have to do with Christian singles?

Christian singles stand strong

How can Christian singles be like a tree growing out of solid rock?

Somehow that tree manages to sink its roots into tiny crevices to get a toehold. Then it draws every bit of nourishment it can--water that seeps into those cracks, minerals from the rock--whatever it can find to sustain itself. Over time, it grows strong.

You're like that tree. You sink your roots into whatever you can find to nourish you. A bit of enjoyment here, an accomplishment there, love from family and friends, and the most powerful food of all, the love and support of God.

As a single, you can't afford to waste time wishing you were planted in richer soil. You are where you are. Life moves in one direction: forward. You can't make it stand still and you can't live in the past.

So send out more roots, finer roots, tinier roots to find more nourishment. If you search hard enough, you'll find it.

You thrive only when you're confident, strong, reaching and growing. If that truth seems scary to you, remember where your strength and nourishment come from: Jesus Christ. He is an inexhaustible supply. He gives you power and wisdom nonbelievers don't have.

Soon your roots will be sunk into every crack and crevice. Life's storms won't be able to harm you. You'll be solidly anchored. Trees growing in loose soil may be blown over in a storm, but Christian singles stand tall.

The need to draw upon the Rock--Jesus Christ--will make you strong. Because Jesus took human form, he knows exactly what you're going through. He knows what nourishment you need to thrive, and he will provide it.

You're like a tree growing out of solid rock--strong, anchored, thriving in spite of hardships. Cling to the Rock. Draw from the Rock. Let the power of the Rock flow into you. That's when you'll thrive!

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