The definition of success for singles is different than it is for married people

What is your definition of success? Have you given that question any serious thought?

For us singles, success is much different than it might be for married folks. They have different responsibilities. Providing for children is a whole different ballgame.

It's wise to think about this matter now, when you're young. It will help you focus your life and avoid mistakes as you go along, rather than looking back when you're old, bopping your head and saying, "How could I have gotten so far off track?"

Definition of success by the world's standards

If you're currently in college or in your 20s, you may believe that your top priority in life should be to get a high-paying job and become wealthy. Everyone from our parents to our friends thinks that's a good idea.

But is that right for you? What if you want to be a teacher? Teachers make a decent salary, but they certainly don't become wealthy--not in the way the world counts wealth. The same holds true for nurses, and many other service professions.

Understand this: If you make certain choices in life, you will have to sacrifice other things. What you are willing to sacrifice shows a lot about your character.

If you choose a job that does not bring in trainloads of money, you will have to sacrifice the glamour, admiration, and "toys" that go with a high-paying job.

On the other hand, if you choose a high-paying career, you may have to sacrifice time with family, peace of mind, and the honor of serving God.

Definition of success by God's standards

I am in my mid 60s now.  As I look back on my writing career of nearly 40 years, I recall a sacrifice I once made that cost me "success" by the world's standards.

It was in the late 1970s. I had just had three fairly successful western novels published. My literary agent at the time was trying to get me a contract to write five westerns in a series, under a pen name. He sent me copies of the books that other writers had done under that pen name so I could familiarize myself with the characters and style. I was very disappointed after I read them. They were sleazy pornography.

I called the agent and told him I would not write the books, even under a pen name. I explained why, but he could not understand. All he thought about was the commission he was losing. If I had taken that contract and invested the money then, I would be a millionaire today.

But my conscience wouldn't let me. My love of God wouldn't let me.

Now I tell you this not to brag about it. Believe me, I'm far from perfect. But it's an example of the kinds of choices you'll be confronted with in life. It's crucial to have your values clear before decisions like these come up.

Jesus was very plain about these kinds of temptations:

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” (Luke 16:13)

Life's choice is: Would you rather be devoted to God or to money?

God understands that we need money to live and to pay our bills. It's not a sin to work and get paid for it. Nor is it a sin to be paid well. And it's not a sin to own some nice things.

Definition of success you can live with

The true definition of success is putting God ahead of your work and everything else. Keep God #1 in your life.

The First Commandment tells us to put no other gods before the True God. Anything we place ahead of God becomes a god, an idol in our life.

If you always keep God in first place, you will achieve success. You will be able to look back on your life, as I can, and know that you made mistakes, you weren't as rich or admired or famous as other people, but that you were a person of integrity.

The rewards in heaven won't go to the people who made the most money on earth, or the most beautiful, or who accumulated the most toys. The rewards will go to those who passionately loved God.

A success manual for Christians

What does God expect from us? Do we have to act like saints all the time to please him, or is there another, more realistic answer?

single and sure

I've read hundreds of books about success, from Napoleon Hill to Stephen Covey, and most of them leave something very important out: God.

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We singles hear so many conflicting voices. Most of them don't have our best interest at heart. It's easy to be manipulated. But God, in the Bible, says something very different. God's definition of success is very different from the world's standards.

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