What really matters in your life?
Are you chasing the wrong things?

We spend much of our lives trying to figure out what really matters.

Singles, especially, can jump from one priority to another, getting bored or burned out when there's no sense of purpose.

When we look at the big picture--our entire life and what we leave behind--what really matters becomes more clear. Many activities are fun or exciting, but they have no eternal consequence.

What really matters in life? Should we work all the time, concerned only with the legacy we'll leave? Well, that can quickly turn into a tedious existence, with a feeling that we're a slave to our career. I don't think that's what God wants for us.

On the other hand, many people in their 20's and 30's think life should be one long, continuous party, with work as a necessary evil just to support their fun. In the United States, we've become a nation that worships fun.

Why 'stuff' isn't what really matters

The key is balance. We all know workaholics who are obsessed with their jobs. We also know people who are obsessed with their leisure activities. The most enjoyable life lies somewhere in between.

If we listen to the world, or to advertisers, their idea of what really matters has something to do with treating yourself or buying their product to reward yourself or because "you're worth it." That attitude results in a problem called gift lift. We get an initial jolt or feeling of excitement right when we buy ourselves something, but it soon wears off, and we're looking for the next "must-have."

After years of this "buy-get depressed, buy-get depressed" cycle, we realize that the promise of materialism is a lie. It doesn't satisfy and never can.

Why career isn't what really matters

We owe our employer a fair day's work and our best effort, but let's be completely honest here: We are not what we do, regardless of how much our culture says we are.

When you base your self-esteem on your job, you're setting yourself up for a fall if you get downsized or laid off.

Jack's truths for thriving.

    If you get your sense of worth from your job, your sense of worth will end when your job does--and no job lasts forever.

Career achievements, promotions, bonuses and raises are great things, but they're not what really matters.

One thing that matters

If you're a regular visitor to this site or you subscribe to Inspire-O-Gram, our free newsletter, you know that relationships are one of the things that really matter in life.

God did not create humans to be a race of Lone Rangers. He made us to love and care about one another. When you help a friend or loved one who needs you, you get a good feeling. But when you're the one who is hurting and a friend helps you, you get an incredible feeling.

We don't love others for what we'll get from them, but because Jesus told us to. Friendships and relationships make life easier and more full for all of us. It's better to be a poor person with true friends than to be a rich person who is lonely.

What really matters most

When we look at the big picture, namely this life and the next, we have to conclude that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what really matters most.

Think about it.

Jesus makes it possible for us to enjoy happiness in heaven with him forever. Through his Holy Spirit, he gives us inner strength to face the trials and heartaches of this life and triumph over them.

His example, and his presence living within us brings us confidence and peace of mind.

We can live our life for ourselves and be a greedy, selfish person. We can live our life for others and be a kind, generous person--but when we make living our life for Jesus our first priority, we not only receive the love and assurance we've always wanted, but we also know soul-deep contentment, because we've found what really matters.

How to achieve what matters most

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